Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Universe is in my hands !

..... not quite, and not yet.

Two months ago, I discovered this interesting magazine in a book store, it's "Built A Model Solar System". I said to myself:"Wow, how cool is that! We can actually built a model of our Solar System !" With all the gears, mechanisms, calculations, moving parts etc etc and it's so engineering !

The magazine talks about our Solar system: Sun, planets, moons, asteroids etc etc. Printed in high quality glossy paper, and printed in the UK, I find this is very educational.

Without much thought, I purchased the first issue. Inside the first issue, there is a form stated if I subscribed this magazine through the publisher, I could get some free gifts and also a free next issue. With no hesitation, I faxed in the form, and waited happily for the magazine send to come.

Few weeks later, I received a parcel from them, and yes, I got one free gift (which is a holding file so I could keep all my magazines in this file) and two books with some parts of the model I am going to built.

Not bad, huh ! And the "Sun" is actually made of bronze! I can feel the weight ! :D

Months has passed, and I should be building up my model, right? No, I am not. Why ? Because I haven't receive any magazine from the publisher since last month. LOL.

I think the respond of getting the magazine is not so great and the publisher decided not to continue sending out their magazine. Even now I couldn't find the latest issue in bookstore.

I guess I have to stop dreaming building my own solar system then. :(

Or I should optimistic enough to assume that the publisher would actually accumulate some issues before sending it out to us.

Let's wait and see. I do hope I could continue this project. My hands are getting itchy, I need things to do !!!


Mr Dino said...

saw lotsa this stuff at kinokuniya.. did ya manage to collect em all?

Templar Tan said...

@Mr Dino,
It's a one year subscription. My subscription at the moment is just enter my 3rd month.