Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just a rant.....

Once we share a same passion. Then we decided to form a club. We were close to each other. We basically knew everyone.

The group expanded. We think it's best to organise the group. Hence some of us volunteer to oversee the group.

We all came from different short of life. We all have different in beliefs. We all have different background. But we all share the same passion.

Things will never be smooth for a long time. Some time, hiccups occur. Though slow, but hiccups can be solved in good manner.

Well, we are there to assist. We are there to share our knowledge, and we are there to make friends. But sadly, not all has the same passion as we do.


Well, it's just a rant.

When I see him smile, I'll forget about what had just happened.

Sleep well, my dear son. You have a long way to go ahead you. I shall be your side when you need me.

Sleep well, my dear son.


Wingz said...

its lidat one sifu ... human greed got no barrier, in order to gain something they dont mind the scarifices. hang in there! i sapot u wan!!!

Templar Tan said...

Sir Wingz!
Well, a nobleman will always be a nobleman. :D